Turquoise / Ladies / Ribbed
Turquoise / Ladies / Ribbed
Turquoise / Ladies / Ribbed
Pink / Ladies / Ribbed
Pink / Ladies / Ribbed
Pink / Ladies / Ribbed

Pentagon DUO Lady

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An extra colourful variation on the theme. Pentagon-type grooves in the surface of the grip maximise feel and minimise slipping. Multi-layer construction with turquoise, white or pink core. Offered in round and ribbed models. Imprinted with a special rounded version of the Cadero logo.

Patented Technology
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Product Description
Benefits from Cadero’s unique construction. The colour elastomer layer is bound with a clear elastomer layer that contributes to its exceptional traction and protects the grip from dirt and debris, helping to preserve its striking aesthetics. Can be installed via air compressor or conventional tape application.

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What Other Golfers Say

Excellent Quality. Offer great grip in any weather condition.

I have played in any weather condition. From -5°C to 35°C. In snowfall, rain and sunshine.
These grips have unbelievable grip.

I love the actually somewhat contradictory combination of elegant/simple and at the same time hip/extravagant/unique. For me, the CADERO grips combine exactly these aspects.

I must have played minimum 50 rounds with the grips and they have zero wear marks and the design is as new.

The grips simply feel good in the hands.

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